Functional SEO - Locate your business online. Functional SEO will improve your visibility online to help your business GROW!

Functional SEO

locate your business online

Are you getting the most from your website?

  • Spending money on advertising but not seeing results?
  • Trouble getting your website ranked in Google?
  • Is your website going unnoticed by potential customers?
Functional SEO - Shows people that Google is changing the way people find your business online so SEO is important
Functional SEO - Shows how Search Engine Optimization can help websites improve Google Ranking.

Did you know?

  • 80-90% of YOUR customers are going to Google before even contacting you.
  • According to Google 92% of all searchers never go past the 1st page.
  • This means if you’re not on the front page, you are guaranteed to miss out on business you COULD have won!

Enhance your online presence with Functional SEO and watch your business grow!

Having a high ranking website in Google and a strong online presence is one of the best ways for new potential customers to find and engage with you.

Functional SEO specializes in helping small to medium sized businesses boost their visibility online. 

We discuss the location of your business and your ideal clients for more efficient and targeted online marketing.

Functional SEO - Get traffic to your website, Local Optimization, Keyword Optimization, Content Strategy, Lead Generation
Functional SEO - Locate your business online. Functional SEO will improve your visibility online to help your business GROW!

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